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01/16/09 - Port Wine

A Featured Port Wine Article

Finding A Metal Wine Rack That's Right For You

When you are looking for a metal wine rack, you don't have to look far at all. Today there are many choices in companies, styles, and nearly any other preference you can imagine; whether you are looking for metal or otherwise in your wine rack.

Where can you look for your Metal Wine Rack?

When looking for your metal wine rack, you will find all the options you want, as well as new ideas that might change your decision at They are a choice that will specifically help you in your metal wine rack purchase decisions. When it's on its way you are bound to be waiting on exactly what you want. sincerely drives to be the best they can at providing all the necessary info on metal based works. Their metal wine rack examples are practical and simple; yet ideal and aesthetic in design! For example, a 6 bottle metal wine rack can be mounted in a number of ways with ease. Whether you want it over the counter, over your bar, in your kitchen, pantry or elsewhere; you will find the installation very easy. It will also highlight the d?cor in your wine room at the same time.

You can also find your metal wine rack at One Way Furniture. This company offers metal and wooden wine racks; including wrought iron which some prefer exclusively. Over time, they have evolved to bring you just what many have already found excellent in wine storage; not only for your bottles, but also your glasses and stemware as well. Their selection comes at quite reasonable prices too!

When browsing the online storefront, you will be able to go through the many options and bring your search down to what you want swiftly! Among their popular items are the Danbury old world walnut wine bar, the designers' edge cabinet (including stemware storage), the estate collection wine storage cabinet, rolling bar carts, wine server butler, and the sierra wine cabinet. You will also find the Wilshire wine rack rubbed black and Wilshire wine rack antique pine that have as much popularity. There are many others to choose from.

When it comes to wine racks, they have one of the greatest selections you will find. Their web interface will help you along in your selection of wine storage furniture. Between that and your knowledge of where you want to put it, you should find exactly the view you are looking for.

When you purchase your own metal wine rack you will indeed be building on the scene you already have; whether it be in your cellar, living room, kitchen or elsewhere. It's just what you need to set things a step up from the usual.

In the end, taking good time and deliberation when deciding on your metal wine rack, will bring you the satisfaction of a great metal wine rack that makes your d?cor great while also showcasing your treasured wine collection. What better storage than one that reminds you in comfort?

You can learn much more about Wine Racks by visiting the Metal Wine Rack Online Site which provides comprehensive and up to date help and advice on all types of Wine Racks. Clive thoroughly recommends this site so make sure you check it out today here: -

Short Review on Port Wine

Finding A Metal Wine Rack That's Right For You

When you are looking for a metal wine rack, you don't have to look far at all. Today there are many choices in companies, styles, and nearly any other...

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Port Wine Products we recommend

Screwpull Trilogy Twist Style Pocket Corkscrew

Trilogy Pocket Model Corkscrew The new Trilogy Pocket Model Corkscrew from Le Cruset makes cork removal a cinch. The patented red ball feature ensures a smooth transition between cork extraction and ejection from the corkscrew – no more jammed corks! Polycarbonate construction will last forever and it folds up neatly for storage or to go in your pocket.

Price: 19.95 USD

News about Port Wine

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SENTOSA seems set to become not only the destination for leisure, but one for wining and dining as well. Braise is the latest addition to the island, which opened in March this year. A modern French restaurant on the sands of Palawan Beach, Braise is - like Suburbia - charmingly housed in an old monorail station and faces the west side of the islan

Wine charms bulk

Sat, 01 Nov 2008 07:03:57 -0700
Antique gold wine charm with gold accent beads. These charms were bulk packaged. An elegant presentation.

Wine Charms For Nerds

Mon, 13 Oct 2008 20:29:58 -0700
Here is how you can put together your own extra-snazzy wine charms out of electronic components. They look great, are easy to make, cost next to nothing, and make great conversation pieces. For an added bonus, you can solder them in place, making them semi-permanent yet easily removable.

Using Jewelry Techniques to Decorate Your Home

Mon, 13 Oct 2008 16:13:13 -0700
Wine charms are those little beaded strands that hook around your stemmed glasses. They serve to identify your glass when several people have the same glass at the same party. Often, a set of charms will share a theme, like wine accessories, and each charm will have a different wine accessory charm.

Skybar Mechanical Wine Dispenser the rich’s private cabinet

Sat, 11 Oct 2008 07:59:27 -0700
It’s said that red wine as well as cigar, can diffuse the most charming aroma only under a fine care. Before you have enough money to build your own wine cellar, you can put it into the fridge with a stopper. And also you can spend $999 on Skybar Mechanical Wine Dispenser. Soon you will find it’s above the price in value

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Friday - Wine Flavors

A Featured Wine Flavors Article

Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Looking for tips on organizing a wine-tasting fundraiser? Here are some ideas on organizing your fundraising event in order to maximize your proceeds.

Obviously, a wine-tasting event needs wine experts, so begin by seeking suitable merchant partnerships based not only on expertise, but also access to the best wines. After all, you have to be able to provide numerous bottles of expensive wine and there's no sense in paying anything near retail price.

Partner with a wine merchant or distributor who can not only help with supplying wine and expert advice, but can also help sell advance tickets to your event.

Organization Tips
Getting plenty of advance publicity is a must. Take the time to put together a press release and get the word out to local media outlets such as tv and radio stations.

Be sure to offer tickets through not only your organization, but also through participating merchants and other groups who support your cause.

It never hurts to have another nonprofit group plugging your fundraising event to their supporters as well. Strike an agreement to do the same thing for their fundraiser.

You will need a suitable place for your wine tasting fundraiser such as a reception hall or scenic outdoor setting. Arrange tables in a layout to suit the space and leave plenty of room for access to each table.

Experts can describe each tasting while wearing a lapel microphone and visiting each table. Use volunteers to bring a bottle of each vintage to all the tables prior to their discussion and have them handle the pouring.

To add a festive flair, consider providing live music with a string quartet or jazz group.

Profit Tips
There are many additional ways to raise funds at your wine tasting. One is to conduct both silent auctions and live auctions for rare wines and wine-related merchandise.

Run your silent auctions from an easy to reach spot such as the check-in table and always do a last call for bids. With live auctions of expensive wines, consider using a professional auctioneer in order to maximize bid prices.

Talk to your merchant partners about ways where both of you can profit such as offering gift certificates to their stores or special case buys on recommended wines.

Look for tie-ins with other merchants who offer related products such as wine glasses, gourmet food items, or travel trips to wine country.

For really large events, provide valet parking services and raise a few extra dollars.

Additional Event Fundraising
Auctions are an additional way to maximize revenue at your wine tasting event. You can offer bottles of fine wines via silent auction or conduct a live auction.

Raffle tickets are another great way to raise additional funds. They are a great way to offering an inexpensive chance at winning an expensive prize. Sometimes, you can even raise more money buy raffling off an item than by auctioning it to the highest bidder.

With a good-sized crowd, raffle off multiple items. You can use the approach where one fairly pricey ticket gives you a shot at multiple prizes. With a high-priced single raffle ticket being sold, you draw from the same pool for multiple winners.

Another approach is to keep the ticket price low and encourage people to buy multiple tickets. This way, the chance that an individual ticket will win is much lower, but people will often spend a greater amount on the lower-priced tickets.

And of course, a raffle allows you to sell tickets to people who can't make the event but would still like to participate in the fun.

Closing Tips
For a successful wine tasting, be sure to allow yourself enough lead time to successfully publicize and organize your fundraiser event. Get the maximum possible turnout by making tickets available at a discount for advance purchases and at a higher price at the door.

If your location is not well-known, be sure to provide directions on flyers wherever tickets are sold. Print a contact number on the tickets for any last-minute questions.

Do everything you can to make the night memorable. Decorate your location appropriately, provide live music and dancing, use a dedicated announcer, and serve plenty of unusual wines to compare.

Using a local media personality as a host is another great way to ensure a large turnout. It's best to route such requests through the program director of their employer.

Good luck with your wine tasting fundraiser!

About the Author

Kimberly Reynolds writes about fundraising and ideas on having a wine tasting fundraiser event on her website. Find hundreds of fundraising ideas on her website.

A synopsis on Wine Flavors.

Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Looking for tips on organizing a wine-tasting fundraiser? Here are some ideas on organizing your fundraising event in order to maximize your proceeds....

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Wine Flavors Items For Viewing

$750 Gift Certificate

Wine Gift Certificates

Wine gift certificates online are our most popular gift item for last minute wine gifts. Buy a wine gift certificate online and we can deliver it instantly via email or on any date you choose in the future. Or you can have it delivered through the postal service. Wine gift certificates work just like cash on our site and can be applied against all charges including sales tax and shipping. If you’re having a hard time deciding which wine gift to buy, make it simple. Give your friends and family the luxury of choosing anything on our site. It’s the easiest way to send wine gifts regardless of personal taste. Online wine gift certificates make shopping a snap. Send one today! GC0750

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News about Wine Flavors

FOX News' Wine Expert, “The Wine Chick”, Adds a New Flavor to "Your Life" Magazine

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In Time for Summer: Blue Danube Wine Company Introduces Refreshing New Varietals from Hungary -- the Craftsman™ Series from Hilltop Neszmély Winery

Tue, 13 Jul 2004 00:00:01 -0700
Los Altos, CA (PRWEB) July 13, 2004 -- Blue Danube Wine Company is proud to introduce the Craftsman™ series of wines from Hilltop Neszmély Winery of Hungary to California and the...

Canalegrande. Italy By The Glass.

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AROUND THE VALLEY (The Weekly Calistogan)

Fri, 16 Jan 2009 00:19:25 -0800
A course focusing on the films of director Woody Allen is one the classes being offered this spring at the Napa Valley College Upvalley campus in St. Helena.

B&B operator: DA suit timing 'weird' (The Weekly Calistogan)

Fri, 16 Jan 2009 00:18:53 -0800
The Napa County District Attorney is seeking at least $100,000 in civil penalties from the operator of Hillcrest Bed and Breakfast for a host of alleged violations, including operating an illegal bed and breakfast and an illegal pool and spa, and selling alcohol to guests without proper permits.

2003 Wimmer-Czerny Roter Veltliner

Thu, 15 Jan 2009 18:54:19 -0800
How many different wine grapes are there in the world? I don't know if anyone has the definitive answer--that would require detailed knowledge of winemaking, history, and botany as well as the mastery of dozens of languages and the willingness to get involved in centuries-old arguments over grape lineages. Hell, we still don't even know for sure where wine was first produced, with a dozen regions claiming the title. The longest list of grape vareities I could find online details around 2,500

Pardon, Madoff, barrel motel, Saran Wrap, discussion - sipped and spit

Thu, 15 Jan 2009 18:03:08 -0800
SPIT: presidential pardon Of all the names circulating for a presidential pardon, few lists would include Fred Franzia for his federal offense (and, no, as much as reader Alberto would like, it wasn’t making Two Buck Chuck). But Franzia wants to own a gun. That’s one thing that he can’t do because in 1993 he pleaded guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to defraud, paid a $2.5 million fine. The AP reveals how he worked the system–unsuccessfully–to try to get a presidential pardon. He’s no tu

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