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Two Simple Types of Wine

Even those who are not wine consumers know there are two simple types of wine; white, and red. This is an extreme over-simplification of the types of wine enjoyed by millions. Within these two categories, you will find a vast variety of type of wines, ranging in flavor and price. Knowing the types of wine that exist under these two categories will assist you in wine selection and pairing wine with food.

From a highly generalized standpoint, pairing wines with food goes something like this: White wines are typically paired with seafood, chicken, turkey, Chinese food, and on occasion, pork. When serving or consuming beef, roasts, filet mignon, lamb, duck, veal, or pastas, red wines are the standard. More important than pairing wine with food, however, is paring types of wine with the consumer. If white wine is not enjoyable to you, then you certainly won't order it to compliment your saut?ed scallops. Choose instead a type of wine that suits your individual tastes.

When investigating types of wine, there are a few stand-outs within our two categories. When seeking white wine, some common choices are chardonnay, white zinfandel, sauvignon blanc, and johannisberg riesling. The majority of these types of wine are bottled in California, as the conditions of the state are impeccable for growing and harvesting wine grapes. These types of wine range from the very dry to sweet and unlike red's, are typically not aged in wood barrels. This preserves their freshness and unique flavor of these types of wine.

For bold, daring wine consumers, we have the red wines. Of these types of wine, many are bottled in California as well. A typically dry and more acidic option, red wines are typically aged in wood in order to achieve their bold, deep flavor. Types of wine to look out for include cabernet sauvignon, merlot, pinot noir, zinfandel and petit syrah. The color of these types of wine may vary from a blush to a deep burgundy. The color of red wine is from the skins of the grape, not from the juice.

Although types of wine vary greatly, and you are certain to find one that suits your palette, do not hesitate to broaden your horizon of wine consumption. The types of wine available to the public are certainly worth investigating and most importantly, enjoying.

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Two Simple Types of Wine

Even those who are not wine consumers know there are two simple types of wine; white, and red. This is an extreme over-simplification of the types of ...

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