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November 19, 2008 - Wine House

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Toast Of The Town: Wine As A Preventative Medicine

While not many of us look forward to taking our daily medication, some remedies are more palatably pleasing than others. Among these, some preventative medicines for heart disease and some cancers, including red wine.

And while many are cheering the benefits of the robust beverage others are wondering if it's really the toast of the town. And, according to experts, the answer is an unresounding yes and no.

They note that although wine offers many preventative powers against heart disease, some cancers, and inflammation cause by arthritis, these qualities are not intrinsic to the fruit of the vine.

Experts assert that while red wine (in moderation) "does" have health benefits, they are not any greater than those they can obtain via a hearty diet of antioxidants including fresh fruits such as red grapes, fresh squeezed grape juice, grape seed oil, deep green veggies, melons, pumpkin, squash, blueberries, peppers and other brightly-colored fruits and foods.

However, they "do," note that the antioxidants in red wine may be more concentrated than in other foods due to the fermentation process. Yet, the concentrated levels may not be significant enough to make daily consumption recommended.

Also, health and nutrition experts note that there is also evidence that moderate amounts of other alcohol may be just as effective in boosting HDL (good) cholesterol. Still, they (the experts) assert that they remain reluctant to encourage people to start drinking in an effort to stay healthy (against heart disease and some cancers) because alcohol consumption may raise other risks and concerns. Among these, weight gain and addiction problems. Excessive drinking can also increase LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and also estrogen levels in women, which has been linked to increased risk of breast cancer.

For women who fancy white wine, beer and other types of alcohol, the "bad" news is that none possess the same preventative and protective powers as red wine, since all the antioxidants are found in the skin and seeds of the grapes. White wine is fermented without the skins of the grapes.

Women wine drinkers say experts can enjoy two to three ounces a day for the added antioxidant and benefits, but remember not to use it as an excuse to drink or in place of a healthy and balanced diet rich in preventative properties.

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Toast Of The Town: Wine As A Preventative Medicine

While not many of us look forward to taking our daily medication, some remedies are more palatably pleasing than others. Among these, some preventativ...

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