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All's well, that ends well. We have now come to the ending of Wine Facts . Until we meet again, adios.

A Wine Facts Artilce for Your Viewing

Wine Tasting for the Average Joe

Going to a wine tasting can be a very fun and enjoyable experience. 
However, many people do not attend for fear of not knowing exactly how to act or
what to do. There no great mystery to wine tastings, just a few things you
should remember. 

As far as etiquette, usually the ladies are served before the
gentlemen.  Some wine tastings offer you bottled water.  Use this to
rinse out your mouth between tastings so your palate is clean for the next
wine.  There is often unsalted and unflavored crackers and bread to help
palate cleansing as well.  You should always handle the wine glass by the
stem.  This helps avoid heating the wine with the warmth of your hands,
thus altering the taste.  Avoid wearing strong perfumes and colognes to a
wine tasting.  That may take away from not only your smell, but also that
of the other guests.  Also, avoid smoking, gum, and mints before and during
a wine tasting to be able to enjoy the full flavor of the wine.

You can tell a lot about a wine just by looking at its color.  When you
attend a wine tasting, the glasses should always be clear so you can get a good
look at the wine.  The tables may also be covered with white tablecloths to
help you see the wine's color clearly.  Do not let the wine name full
you.  For example, white wines are not white in color.  They may range
from yellow to green to brown.  Red wines range in color from pale red to a
deep brownish red and often become lighter with age.  Sometimes the color
of a wine may indicate age or flavor.  You may be able to tell the age of a
red wine by doing a rim test.  Tilt the glass slightly towards the rim of
the wine glass and look at the wine.  If the color of the red wine is more
of a purple, it is usually a younger wine.  If the color of the red wine is
brown, it is an older wine. 

Another thing you may have seen people do before they taste wine is swirl it
slightly in the glass.  This is to help open up the wine's flavor. 
Remember that the wine may have been in a bottle anywhere from six months to
many, many years.  When someone swirls a wine, it helps release the
flavors.  Just like when you're cooking at home and stir the food to help
blend the flavors.

The color of the wine is just one aspect you will want to look at when you
attend a wine tasting.  You will also want to smell the wine.  After
swirling, this is the next step in the tasting process.  You have probably
seen people smell wine before and wondered why they did it.  Smell plays a
very important part in what we taste.  Researchers have determined that
perhaps as much as 75% of what we taste is actually based on what we smell
first.  You can smell your wine one of two ways:  taking a small whiff
to get an idea of how the wine smells, then a deeper whiff or take one deep
whiff.  After smelling the wine, take a minute to think about the
smell.   You do not want to immediately taste it after smelling but
give yourself time to explore exactly what you smelled.

Finally, you will need to know is how to taste the wine properly.  Your
tongue has taste buds in both the front and back.  These taste buds can
detect bitter, salty, sweet, and sour flavors, but some are more sensitive than
others are.  There are three steps in tasting a wine:  the first
impression, the taste, and the aftertaste.  The first impression happens
when you take your first drink and the wine actually hits your taste buds. 
It should awaken your sense to the wine.  After taking the first drink, you
should swish the wine around your mouth for a few seconds to let all your taste
buds discover the full flavor of the wine.  Think about what the wine
tastes like.  Is it light or heavy?  Is the smooth or harsh?  The
aftertaste is the sensation that remains in your mouth after swallowing the
wine.  How long did it last and was it pleasant?

Before attending a wine tasting, it may help you feel more confident to read
about the different types of wines.  This will give you a better idea of
what to look for as far as flavor and taste.  Next time you are invited to
a wine tasting; do not be afraid to go.   You may be missing a great

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Wine Companies For Your Reading Pleasure

A Guide to Wine Cellar Racks

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Wine bottles need to have proper storage to ensure that the wine maintains optimal flavor and wine cellar racks provide this storage. Anyone with an interest in wine should know that the proper and more convenient way to store wine bottles is on their sides. By using a wine cellar rack, bottles either are individually or grouped together on their sides in cubicles. This arrangement is necessary for several reasons. First, by storing the bottle on its side, the sediments that settle out of the wine over time are more evenly distributed and help the wine keep most of the desired original flavor. In addition, the label and corks are better preserved.

Wine cellars and racks for the home are inexpensive. They are easy to assemble, come with detailed, easy to understand instructions, and all the necessary hardware and they are durable. They come in a wide range in size, styles, colors, and are composed of various materials. Wine cellars and racks for the home are really more convenient than just keeping those few bottles on the pantry shelf. They actually take up more space being upright, then if properly stored on their side in on of our small wine cellar racks.

Wine cellar racks are no longer just for the winery or commercial entity. Although cellar racks can easily accommodate these larger consumers, the individual wine connoisseur can also benefit from a wine cellar and rack for the home. By purchasing customizable units, cellar racks for wine can be placed in almost any location available, from that junk closet to a conventional cellar.

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A Short Wine Companies Summary

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The Ziegler family has been making wine in the Rheinpfalz for almost 300 years. The current winery was built in 1894 and is now a national monument. Uwe Ziegler, the winery's owner, travels regularly to Australia and California to supplement his wine knowledge and to learn new techniques in wine production. The results of his tireless work are evident in his wines, like the 2002 Gimmeldiner Kabinett. Although it has a light aroma, the palate is quite fruity and lively showing off the citrus and tropical fruits, such as ripe melon, that these two grape varieties responsible for Rieslaner - Riesling and Silvaner - are known for. An extremely clean and refreshing wine, any holiday party started with the Gimmeldinger Kabinett is sure to be a smashing success. You can buy this German white wine online. GMK02 GMK02

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