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September 06, 2008 - Hanna Wine

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Wine Charms for Every Occasion

Wondering what to gift your hostess for today?s cocktail party? Here is the perfect gift. Wine charms. It is as charming as it sounds. Perfect for dinners, get-togethers, parties, wine tasting events and theme parties. With an attractive wine charm, you can keep track of your glass, as it will be tagged with an elegant charm. It can also be used for beer mugs and other glasses. Wouldn?t it be fun to tag a Monopoly wine charm to your glass? With pieces such as Free Parking, Community Chest and Go To Jail, it will surely make excellent conversation. At a poker game, you could choose the poker wine charm, which comes with six different cards. Loop it around your glass and you are surely bound to win!

Going to a bridal shower? Or a wedding party? Carry along a set of Pewter Wine Charms. It comes with a wedding car and cake, a wedding invitation and a bride and groom! It is ideal for the occasion. Do you prefer gold and silver metal beads? You can get it at just $9.99. It comes along with a silver pouch. For the same price you can get gambler charms, mythical charms and art charms. If you are looking for elegance and a little class, then multi-colored beads should be your choice. For those who love the sea, there is a boating wine charm. It has several attachments such as an anchor, wheel and sail. For beach lovers there is a beach wine charm complete with sun, sea and surf!

Or maybe you prefer a BBQ wine charm or a Big Money Pewter Wine Charm, both available at $9.99. A perfect gift for a woman would be a flower based wine charm, which looks so attractive you will want to carry it away with you. If you host is a stargazer, then the celestial wine charm is best suited. There really is a charm for every occasion. You name it and someone has already created it. Such a variety is difficult to find in other products. These wine charms are made with such precision and care that one would think it should be more expensive. However, wine charms are quite affordable and you can buy one that suits your taste.

For example, a golfer could go for the golf wine charm and an artist can go for the art wine charm. You can even find wine charm that relate to different countries in the world. The Egyptian wine charm comes with colored beads. During the festive season of Christmas, the Christmas wine charm is very apt. There is wine charms based on dogs, cats, insects, pets, wild animals, medicine, winter? the list goes on.

John Lamont is a successful author and regular contributor to an online resource for all kinds of wine racks, including wall wine racks, metal wine racks and more.

Short Review on Hanna Wine

Wine Charms for Every Occasion

Wondering what to gift your hostess for today?s cocktail party? Here is the perfect gift. Wine charms. It is as charming as it sounds. Perfect for din...

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