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Tips For A Profitable Business On The Chinese Wine Market

Although not that famous as the French one, China's wine industry has the world's first rate of the annual increase in this domain. Thus, while the Chinese market registers a growth of more than 10%, the world's increase is somewhere around 1%.

However, even if the domestic Chinese wines represent 95 % of the market, the rest of 5%, which is constituted by foreigners wines is better in quality because its brewing advanced technologies.

With this information good enough to keep in your mind, here are some tips of how you can make a profitable business by entering through the Chinese wine market:

There are few imported wine agents in China and this ones will chose the foreign vintners with a special consideration and most of the times, a foreign vintner finds a suitable agent for him extremely hard. Also, there are no professional wholesalers in China. The agents themselves, have to establish the communication channels and sometimes this is really difficult to do for them. Even because of this, the agents are very cautious before importing foreign wines and dealing with foreign vintners.

Chinese people are used to the traditional consume of wine and they do not have a high appreciation of wines. Therefore, for selling at a high price, the wine has to be appreciated and this only happens if the agent gets to take a sum of money from the wine producer, in order to make a campaign by which he can make that wine known by people. But usually, foreign producers have a low production and the money is not at the very ease...

Most of the foreign producers see the exhibition in China as the only resort to growing a profitable business-which in most of the cases it's not true. They concentrate on the vinitaly China, which is the largest and most professional wine exhibition in the country. This exhibition it is now held in Shanghai and has lots of imported wine agents. But China is a large country and the fact that there is only one exhibition like this affects the whole mechanism as the producers get to know only superficially the foreigner producers, not being able to see in the same time the each producer's methods of preparing the wine.

Therefore, if you take into consideration all this aspects and try to find a solution to all the problems that might came up during your business process, you have pretty good chances to be a remarkable player on this complicated but profitable market.

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Although not that famous as the French one, China's wine industry has the world's first rate of the annual increase in this domain.

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