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Thursday 06/26/08 - Caribe Cooler

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Why Don't We Use Our Good Wine Glasses?

Why Don?t We Use Our Good Wine Glasses?

OK, ladies... the $64,000 Question (are you old enough to remember that game show)...

Last night I go to pour myself a glass of wine.

I open the cabinet with all my glasses and cups (and yes, my collection of mismatched, dishwasher-banged-up, ratty-looking wine glasses).

I grab a wine glass (it?s a give-away from a Casino), pour my wine and then... stare across the kitchen.

There, neatly arranged behind soft ?back-lit? glass cabinet doors, stand a sparkling array of beautiful wine glasses.

Some handed down to me from my mother. Of course, there?s my good wedding crystal. And others I?ve picked up along the way because ?I just had to have them.?

There they sat (probably needing dusting) because I never used them this Thanksgiving... you know the one time of year we?re sure to pull out the ?good stuff? and set a beautiful table. But not this year (we went out for that Holiday dinner).

So what is it... some generational thing? My Mom only used the ?good china? for special occasions and so did her Mom.

Am I just too lazy to hand-wash the glasses?

Or are wine glasses just like shoes? We buy them even if we don?t need them.

Do I not think a hard day (or any day, for that matter) doesn?t deserve that moment of pleasure when we sip from the proverbial ?glass slipper??

Well, whatever the reason... it all came crashing down at that moment.


I wish you could have heard the sound of breaking glass. My husband sure did!

He comes running up the stairs thinking a small Pacific Northwest earthquake has just hit.

There I stood... with this sheepish look on my face.

I had just pitched every one of my mismatched misfits into the trash... the last one with a tab bit too much ?oomph?. Watching the glass break, I just couldn?t help yelling out, ?Mazel Tov? as I threw my arm in the air!

Poor Ralph... he just shook his head... no questions asked. I?m sure he thought it was, you know, one of those ?hormonal things,? and went back downstairs.

Our New Year?s Resolution: Every time we pour a glass of wine, let?s all resolve to use a different glass. One of the ?good? ones.

The scary thing... how many days will it take ?til you start back through yours a second time?

Happy Holidays, Kathy

Kathy Charlton founded Olympic Cellars Winery became the North Sound?s first woman-owned and operated winery in 2001. Since that time, owners Kathy Charlton, Molly Rivard and Libby Sweetser (known affectionately to locals as the Olympic Women in Wine) have taken the winery in a new direction, turning out award-winning wines and the Working Girl Wine series that supports the physical and emotional well being of women around the country. celebrate the good life !

A Short Caribe Cooler Summary

Why Don't We Use Our Good Wine Glasses?

Why Don?t We Use Our Good Wine Glasses?OK, ladies... the $64,000 Question (are you old enough to remember that game show)...Last night I go to pour my...

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