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Why You Should Have a Wine Cellar

If you don't own a wine cellar and you collect wine its time to reconsider. Wine collectors everywhere are learning that to preserve you must have control over the climate and the temperature of the wine. The only real way to do this is to have your very own wine cellar.

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In the movies we are used to seeing a wine cellar in some dark damp under ground bunker. However to have and own a wine cellar doesn't have to be exactly that way anymore. Now we have options with our wine cellars and wine storage. Long ago the only way to keep wine at cool enough temperatures to preserve was to store it under ground away from the heat and sunlight. Today things have changed with wine storage greatly.

What purpose does a wine cellar serve you might ask. Well for one a wine cellar keeps the wine at whatever temperature you'd like to store it at. Keeping wine cool and at the right humidity can make your wine store and last years longer than not doing so. Another great thing about a wine cellar is that it can keep your collection organized and free of dust. Many wine cellars have a cabinet style build much like a stand alone closet. I would also suggest getting yourself a set of wine bottle hanging labels as well to help organize your collection. These simple hang around the head of the bottle and on it you list the type of wine and the vintage year.

You must figure how much room you want to dedicate to your wine collection. Do you want to dedicate a whole room or basement? If so you may consider custom built wine racks. Custom built wine racks are nice because you can decide how long or wide to have them built. The bad part about customized wine cellar racks is that they are very expensive. I prefer to go with wine cellar cabinets. They typically run in the low thousands but if you are a serious collector that can be pennies on the dollar saved. Some of your collection will one day be worth mid hundreds or more so sometimes spending a little to save a lot goes a long way. Cabinet style wine cellar stand tall and up right and can have solid doors of glass doors to see in. However make sure if you have glass doors it stays away from windows and out of the sunlight. Sunlight even the slightest amount can soil your collection; keep your collection as safe as possible.

If you do not have thousands to spend there are many options that you can find about anywhere that range in the low hundreds and can hold over 150 bottles. This is the best option for anyone who is just starting out a collection. Many times you can find a nice wine cellar with glass doors for well under $500 that holds many more bottles than your collection can amass for the first couple of years. The options are up to you just remember this hobby is what you put into it and without proper wine storage your collection won't last long.

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Why You Should Have a Wine Cellar

If you don't own a wine cellar and you collect wine its time to reconsider. Wine collectors everywhere are learning that to preserve you must have con...

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