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06/17/08 - Wine Review

Today's Wine Review Article

How to Make Wine at Home

Today, wine-making is considered something of an art form. People pay ridiculous amounts of money for what they consider to be fine wines. But years and years ago, all wines were made within the home. When you know how to make wine, you can not only save yourself some money, but also take pride in learning this lost art.

When you set out to learn how to make wine, there is so much different information available that wine-making suddenly becomes a complicated scientific process. While it?s true a certain amount of scientific ?magic? is needed to turn grape juice into wine, there?s nothing complex about it. In fact, once you learn how to make wine you discover that it?s actually rather simply done.

If you know how to make wine, you can use almost any recipe and even being experimenting with different ingredients to produce the flavors you most enjoy. Most wines originate with grapes, and in fact grapes are probably the easiest base ingredient to use for wine (grapes already containing much of the natural sugars and yeast that are needed to produce wine), but in fact you can get creative and use almost any combination of ingredients you desire.

One simple recipe if you?re just learning how to make wine beings with a few gallons of grape juice. Depending on how much wine you want, you can use as few as one or as many as ten gallons of grape juice. Do not open the container, but place it somewhere out of the sun where it will remain at a fairly constant room temperature. Leave it there for at least four weeks to allow for the fermentation process. Next, open the grape juice (do not stir or shake), and siphon off the contents on top. You want to leave the sediment in the container, and throw the entire container away. Voila! Now you know how to make wine. You can even put your wine into bottles with corks to make it seem more decadent.

The basic recipe for wine-making is simple. You simply extra the juices (and flavors) from your ingredients by pressing, soaking, or crushing them. Next, add sugars, spices, and yeast and put everything into a jar, crock, bucket, or pail. Store, covered, at room temperature for at least one week to allow for fermentation. After this, strain the liquid from the pulp and put the liquid in some sort of tightly-closed jug. Allow this second batch of liquid to ferment for several weeks (up to two months) and repeat the siphoning process. You?ll want to repeat the fermentation process one more time (at least three in total, or as many times as it takes for the wine to have a clear appearance) before bottling your home brew. If the taste is not to your liking, allow the bottles to ?age? for several months and then taste the wine again. When you know how to make wine, you can create any flavor you desire ? and will never again have to spend a fortune on buying ?fine wine.?

Another short Wine Review review

How to Make Wine at Home

Today, wine-making is considered something of an art form. People pay ridiculous amounts of money for what they consider to be fine wines. But years a...

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