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Thursday - Napa Wine

A Napa Wine Artilce for Your Viewing

Touring Wineries in Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara is one of the more scenic areas in what is technically known as Southern California. Touring the area with a professional service is definitely the best way to get out on the tasting trail.

Touring Wineries in Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara is a beautiful coastal city located in the middle region of California. Billing itself as the ?American Riviera?, Santa Barbara is directly between Los Angeles and San Francisco, making it a great place to visit no matter where in the state you are staying. With many different shops and a great nightlife, as well as beautiful views of the ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains, this area is a perfect spot for your next California trip. If you enjoy wine, you are also in luck. There are plenty of services to get you from here to there on the wine trail.

Spencer's Tours (805-884-9700) offers the services of their luxury vehicles for your next wine tour in the area. Trips can last from five to eight hours with these personalized tours, and you will be able to enjoy not only the wineries in the area but also all the natural beauty this region has to offer. As your guide, Spencer Winston will be able to drive you around in his wide variety of plush vehicles while also explaining the history of the area, as he is a member of the Santa Barbara Historical Society. Whether you want to spend all of your time hitting the wineries or you would prefer to see some other historic places, Spencer's will be happy to arrange your stops for you.

The movie ?Sideways? was filmed and took place in the Santa Barbara region, so many wine and movie lovers have come to this area in order to see the Sideways Wine Tour in person. As Santa Barbara tours go, this is a great choice. You can see many of the region's 100 wineries as well as follow the footsteps of the main characters of the film. 18 stops are included in this self-guided tour (which will be followed by Spencer's upon request) ? they range from the ?Ostrich Park? to many different wineries such as the Andrew Murray Vineyards and the Foxen Winery.

Spencer's Tours can also arrange for you to stop at other attractions in the area ? such as the town of Santa Ynez, the surrounding mountain area, and the Santa Ynez Mission. Also worth seeing while enjoying your Santa Barbara tour is beautiful Cachuma Lake, and nature hikes through the fields of wildflowers in the region. You can choose which of the wineries you want to visit, or allow Spencer's to help guide you to some of the highly thought of wineries and vineyards in the Santa Barbara region. You can also enjoy many different tasting rooms, as well as plan for a delicious gourmet lunch on the way.

Santa Barbara is not as well known as the Sonoma and Napa Valleys when it comes to wine ? but this beautiful region in the middle of California's coast is fast becoming a destination for wine lovers. You can verify this yourself by taking a wine tasting tour.

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