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Sunday 04/27/08 - Conundrum Wine

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Discover Unique Wine Racks

Serious wine collectors prefer diamond wine racks for storing their treasured bottles of wine. Whether a wine lover's tastes run to a rich, savory burgundy or a light, citrus toned Pinot Grigio, they all know the trick to any wine cellar is having ample space. Diamond wine racks provide ample storing capacity and proper horizontal storage conditions. Purchasing this style of rack is affordable and smart. You can easily turn your basement into a wine cellar in little time. Or display them right in plain view for guests to appreciate and marvel at.

Many bottles of wine must age from a few weeks to a number of years. Aging wine requires a cool area, moisture to keep corks from drying out, and no light. If these conditions are not met, the wine can develop sour, vinegary flavors. Not fun! If you line a basement wall with two or three unique wine racks, the possibilities for wine storage become unlimited. As air temperatures below ground remain constant and humidity is often in the air, a basement creates a perfect area for wine storage.

Unique wine racks are handcrafted from exquisite pieces of wood -- and some of the most unique ones are made out of metal shapes, such as stylish spirals. These are made out of wrought iron or steel usually, which can be shaped into beautiful artistic designs.

When it comes to the wooden racks, redwood, pine, maple, and oak are utilized when creating wine racks of high quality. The outer frame of the wine rack forms a tall rectangle. This rectangle holds a criss-cross pattern of braces that form a diamond pattern on the inside of the rack's frame. Each diamond section is capable of holding up to sixteen 750ml bottles of wine, twelve bottles of champagne, or nine magnums (1 ? liters). With twenty-four sections typically included in one large rack, diamond wine racks can hold more than 200 bottles of wine per unit.

Diamond wine racks range in height, but are usually sixty to seventy-two inches high. The average wine rack stands floor to ceiling. The racks tend to average thirteen inches deep, easily fitting an average bottle of wine. Diamond wine racks can range in width to suit your needs. You may expect any rack you choose to hold far more wine than you will need to store for your personal use.

For the serious collector, diamond wine racks can hold enough wine bottles to last a number of years. Your new abilities as a wine connoisseur are likely to cause some jealous comments from close friends. It is human nature to feel a slight touch of pride in becoming the envy of others! Use diamond wine racks or other unique designs and show off your collection today.

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Conundrum Wine and More

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Vintners a study in history (The Beacon News)

Sun, 27 Apr 2008 02:15:01 PDT
Part of the joy of attending Oswego's Wine on the Fox, along with discovering Illinois' produced wines -- is talking with the winemakers.

Oswego's Wine on the Fox Festival is May 3 (The Beacon News)

Sun, 27 Apr 2008 02:15:31 PDT
Some 16 wineries will share their premiere wines made exclusively from Illinois vineyards from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. in Hudson Crossing Park, situated along the banks of the Fox River.

Spend a day exploring the wine trail (The Buffalo News)

Sun, 27 Apr 2008 04:15:29 PDT
A dozen years ago, there was no such thing as a wine trail in Niagara County.

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Adieu to the bag in a box?
The Age, Australia - Apr 21, 2008
... is the market we sit firmly in, which is the varietal, bottle-quality, premium-in-price cask, which is often more expensive than buying wine in glass. ...

Local wineries prepare for art, seafood and wine festival - Curry County Reporter

Local wineries prepare for art, seafood and wine festival
Curry County Reporter, OR - Apr 23, 2008
Fine varietal wines are produced and available for tasting on the beautiful historical estate near Oakland, Oregon. In May, the tasting comes to those ...

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