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04/29/08 - Iron Wine

Iron Wine For Your Reading Pleasure

Australian Wine Clubs

Have you ever come across a wine bottle bearing the insignia of an Australian wine club? Then it must be top quality wine. Australian wine clubs are among the most respected in the world and only first class wines are allowed to carry that emblem.

Wine drinking as a lifestyle in Australia is relatively new compared to the wine cultures in such countries as Italy and France. The wine boom in Australia is actually attributed to the high influx of European settlers back in the late 1700s. Naturally, these settlers influenced Australian society with their dining habits, and soon local Australians started drinking wine along with their meals.

The efforts of viticulturist James Busby in bringing the wine culture to Australia are also widely recognized. Busby immigrated to Australia in the early 1800s and made wine there. He brought back this wine to Europe, where it was highly appraised.

Soon, Busby and others found that certain areas in Australia were perfect for growing grapes for winemaking. Busby started the first source blocks of wines in Sydney, Victoria and South Australia in the 1830s. Large vineyards soon followed, and serious importation was started several years after.

Groups of people who bought their wine in bulk soon started forming their own clubs. The Australian Wines Consumers Cooperative Society Limited was the first ever Australian wine club. The group started in the 1950s and now boasts fifty thousand members.

A lot of Australian wine clubs have emerged in the past few decades. These clubs started making and selling their own wine. Today, there are about twelve wine clubs in Australia in full operation.

Most of these clubs send its members a case of wine every three months. The cases contain a dozen bottles chosen by wine experts. If you are already a member, then Australian wine clubs save you the hassle of purchasing wines yourself. In case of dissatisfaction, Australian wine clubs offer a money back guarantee. If the corks are damaged, a full refund or replacement is made with no questions asked.

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A synopsis on Iron Wine.

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Iron Wine Items For Viewing

Montaudon Brut Champagne

Almost all Champagne is made sparkling in the cellars of Reims, France. Deep below the cities the chalk subsoil has been cut out into vast caves and cellars. Most of these cellars are laid out in broad alleyways, named after the principal cities of the world where Champagne is sold. The only wine with any right to the name Champagne is that made from certain legally specified grapes grown in limited and well-defined sections of the province of France called Champagne. Here the vines are tended and vinified according to a body of strict rules. All this and much more make Champagne what it is. Since 1891, the Montaudon family has been faithful to the ancestral traditions. Every year, during winter, after the still wines are produced from the noble Champagne grape varieties (Chardonnay-Pinot Noir- Pinot Meunier), the blending process begins in the deep cellars...In the shadow of the famous cathedral at the heart of Reims, our Champagnes are created through the heavenly marriage of magnificent "crus" and outstanding years. Enjoy! SW60045 SW60045

Price: 65.95 USD

Headlines on Iron Wine

Drive-through beer vendor stirs concern

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 00:29:20 PDT
The addition of beer to the drive-through menu at a Clive restaurant has some concerned about the effects it might have on the number of people drinking and driving. "We're worried about it, but what are we going to do about it?" Clive Police Lt. Gary Walker said. The Clive City Council granted Iowa Castle owner Ray Alehy a license to sell beer and wine coolers at his restaurant at the last council meeting. The vote was unanimous, but not without discussion. "This kind of thing concerns me,"

Pa. Liquor Control Board seeking wine kiosk proposals (The Daily American)

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 01:32:59 PDT
PITTSBURGH — The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is seeking proposals for a contractor to operate up to 100 wine kiosks throughout the state.

Wino Department: Wine Soon in Vending Machines!?

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 02:11:17 PDT
Wino Department: Wine Soon in Vending Machines!? Add new comment April 29th, 2008, posted by Greg Palmer Ha! Because Japan and Singapore are exactly who I’d compare PA to… The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board wants to set up a statewide network of 100 satellite wine kiosks. The agency is soliciting proposals for a five-year contract to operate and maintain the kiosks, requiring that it be done at no cost to the state or PLCB. Each temperature-controlled kiosk will stock about 500 bottle

Garstang - Garstang, England, United Kingdom

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 03:17:06 PDT
Jump to the full entry & travel map Garstang, England, United Kingdom Hi all Well arrived back in the UK fine although given I had no winter clothes on me, a little cold! I have 2 pairs of trousers, a fleece and a light jacket - all the rest of my winter stuff is very kindly residing with Denise and Keith - I just haven't yet made it there to pick it up! Caught up w Shaz for dinner after landing and she very kindly let me crash at theirs as well. She is looking good and as 2 g

Pa. Liquor Board Explores Idea of Wine Bottle Kiosks (KYW News Radio 1060)

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 03:25:08 PDT
The latest effort at modernization of alcohol sales in Pennsylvania may involve wine bottles dispensed by vending machines at supermarkets and other locations.

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