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Thursday October 23, 2008 - Wine Clubs

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Wines Of Montefalco - Sagrantino Passito - Italy

The most popular wine created in Montefalco is Sagrantino. Wines from the region of Sangiovese date back to pre-Roman times however, it was Franciscan friars that actually introduced Sagrantino wine grapes to the region from Minor Asia. Today, Sagrantino can boast about the certificates of quality DOC and DOCG, which it received in 1979 and 1992.

The uniqueness of Sagrantino is that one special variety is created by using partially dried grapes; however, other cultivated grapes are used as well.

Sagrantino of Montefalco?s dry version is a garnet red color with just a soft whiff of violet petals with an aroma of blackberries. The alcohol strength is between 13% and 15% and should be served at room temperature to delight your tastebuds.

The variety of Sagrantino created with partially dried grapes is a full-bodied wine, which is smooth, spicy, and warm. The alcohol strength is always 14% or more. The color of this variety of wine is also a garnet red.

Sagrantino Passito wine is another favorite of the Montefalco region and is the most traditional and ancient wine of the area. This dessert wine is created by using Sagrantino grapes with traditions that have been passed down through the ages. The grapes are fully ripe when they are chosen for Passito wine. They are placed on racks in rooms that are very well ventilated so the grapes can dry out evenly and slowly. They will go through the drying process for two months before they are pressed and made into delightful dessert wine.

Montefalco wines were at one time created by monks and their wonderful way of creating such exquisite wines still exist today with the help of Sagrantino grapes that are harvested at the perfect time, aged for the exact amount of time, and then pressed and turned into wine.

Other wines produced here are Montefalco Rosso DOC and Montefalco Riserva DOC. They are produced mixing up Sagrantino and Sangiovese grapes. These are very good red wines.

Wines produced in Montefalco are exported all over the world, making this city very famous and known.

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Information about the Wines of Montefalco and Montefalco Tourism Montefalco

A Short Wine Clubs Summary

Wines Of Montefalco - Sagrantino Passito - Italy

The most popular wine created in Montefalco is Sagrantino. Wines from the region of Sangiovese date back to pre-Roman times however, it was Franciscan...

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