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Braised Garlic Short Ribs with a Red Wine Tomato Sauce

Braised Garlic Short Ribs with a Red Wine Tomato Sauce
Prep Time: 20-30 minutes
Cook Time: 2-2? hours.

Serve with: Mashed potatoes, rice or egg noodles and saut?ed zucchini. Dessert: Dulce de leche ice cream with toasted almonds.

2 lbs. beef short ribs (seasoned) 15 cloves of garlic (whole) 1 lb. onions (medium diced) 1 stalk of celery (medium diced) 1 each carrot (peeled, medium diced) 14 oz. can of tomato sauce 2 beef bouillon cubes 12 oz. red wine (Cabernet, Merlot, or Table)

Season short ribs liberally with salt and black pepper, and rub lightly with olive oil, in a 5quart capacity (heavy gauge) sauce pan. Sear ribs on all sides on medium high heat.

Remove ribs. Add a couple of ounces of olive oil. Add garlic, onions, celery, and carrots. Brown vegetables until edges are nicely caramelized. Add red wine and bouillon cubes and bring to a boil making sure to scrape bottom and sides to loosen fond. (Editors note: That's Chef Phil's fancy way of saying scrape the stuff off the sides.) Add tomato sauce. Bring to a boil. Add ribs. Put in a 300? F oven and cook 2-2? hours.

Remove ribs. Strain off vegetables and serve with mashed-potatoes, rice or egg noodles and saut?ed zucchini. Enjoy.

Makes 4 servings.

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Phillip V. Denfeld has been an executive chef for nearly 30 years at various 5-star hotels and restaurants across the nation. He is currently a culinary instructor living the in the South Florida area and writes exclusive recipes for

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Screwcaps For Wine Is It Bye-Bye To The Romance?

Maybe youve noticed screwcaps on more of the higher priced wines lately. The trend is continuing to grow and so is the debate of whether a screwcap or...

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Burg Layer Schlosskapelle Auslese Windisch

Auslese wines are made from selected late harvest grapes. Our Burg Layer was born in 2004, the year of the century for German wines. If you enjoy the German wines, you will love this 2004 vintage. Make yourself a gift of a variety of the "Century vintage" wines. The Auslese is a lively, sweet white wine. Make a meal out of a bottle of the Burg Layer Auslese, cheese, fruit and bread. A perfect gift to buy online. Serve very cold. GWBAW704 GWBAW704

Price: 27.95 USD

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