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Exploring Wineries in Southern California

While Northern California is often sited as the wine region of California, the southern part of the state has much to crow about. Regardless, you have a chance to explore the hidden winery gems.

Exploring Wineries in Southern California

Most people think of northern California when they imagine wineries in the state, but other regions within California also produce wines. Southern California, specifically Temecula Valley, is also growing as a wine production area. In a warmer climate than northern California, and close to San Diego, exploring Temecula can easily be combined with trips to Los Angeles or San Diego. The beautiful warm days combined with temperate cool nights make a perfect climate for wine grapes.

There are several wine excursions in southern California, but by far the largest and most affordable is the Grapeline Wine Country Shuttle (888-8-WINERY). Based out of Temecula, this wine shuttle is unique in the fact that you can make reservations to board at any one of their scheduled stops and depots throughout Temecula, Escondido, Fallbrook or San Diego. Most of the stops are at the major hotels and other accommodations throughout the Temecula area. There are 21 wineries and vineyards in the region, and you can choose from any of these to make up your trip.

If you choose to take the Wine Shuttle, your ticket is good for a day's worth of transportation between the different wineries. Pick and choose which look good to you, and get off only at the wineries you're interested in. You can also choose to purchase the Value Passport, which is provided by a cooperative of the wineries and restaurants in Temecula. This Passport will save you even more money on tastings and meals. Choosing this option allows tourists and wine lovers to have the freedom to see whichever sites they are interested in without having to feel like part of a group - but you are also drinking responsibly.

The most popular of the wine excursions in southern California offered by the Grapeline is the Vineyard Picnic. This excursion is more structured, and includes a gourmet picnic lunch as well as transportation for the day. Tasting tickets are included with your fee (no waiting in line) and you get the advice and knowledge of the guide as well. A value pass is included with your trip, which entitles the holder to discounts on wines as well as merchandise at the vineyards and wineries.

Southern California is a great destination for vacationers, due to the beautiful temperatures and beaches. With wine excursions in Southern California, you also have a chance to explore the top notch wineries in the area.

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