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Another short wine review

Virginia Wine Tasting

Living the Good LifeBy Jim Bogaty- Owner Veramar Vineyard In Virginia winery tasting rooms, learn how to taste wineA wine tasting tutorialDo you think...

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Demystifying the wine and food marriages

Living the Good Life by Jim& Della Bogaty owners Veramar Vineyard, Berryville, VADemystifying the wine and food marriages -- There is a pair for you!W...

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Virginia Wine Golden Triangle

Living the Good Life by James Bogaty owner Veramar VineyardVirginias Wine Country Golden Triangle The Virginia Golden Triangle Wine TourWant to spend ...

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Screwpull Table Model Corkscrew Set (Black)

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Riedel Vinum Rhone/Syrah (Set of 6)

Imagine every bottle of wine you open tasting more delicious than ever before! That's the miracle of Riedel's extraordinary Vinum crystal stemware. Each glass is beautiful to behold as soft as silk and a joy to drink from. Moreover all Vinum stems are completely dishwasher safe.9 1/4'H 22 7/8 oz.

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Martini Chiller Glasses (Set of 2)

Cool martini glasses that'll chill your martinis with panache. Just place crushed ice in the base and pour a martini in the cone-shaped top glass. Shaken or stirred these martini chillers keep your martinis icy cold to the last sip. Holds 4 oz.4' tall.

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Anonymous California Wines says:

Wine Regions
wine regions There must also be the proper ventilation in place to keep the French wine processing smoothly.

The next step in the making of classic French wine is the maceration process. It is in this step that the French wine gets its color. The color itself of all French wine comes from the peels of the grapes and their own natural�tannin. It is in this stage of the French wine development that the body of the wine comes into being. The amount of time that the French wine spends in this maceration will wine regions vary depending upon which kind of French wine is being made. Some French wines will need more time while others less. In some cases this process can go on for several weeks when making good French wine.

Only after the last stage of French wine are the solids taken out of the wine. This is known as the raking process. More than one French wine can come out of each process simply because the pulp that is taken can be squeezed to get pressed wine or it can be left and known as free run French wine.
wine regions
For more...
italian wine

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