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Understanding Wine Grapes

You will find that one of the easiest ways to get to know your way around wine flavors is through grape varieties. Each grape variety has specific characteristics. In some regions, one grape variety is used to make a wine; in others, winemakers blend several varieties in a single wine. To help you identify grape varieties, below is an overview of each of the major red grapes and their characteristics.

You will find that one of the easiest ways to get to know your way around wine flavors is through grape varieties. Each grape variety has specific characteristics. In some regions, one grape variety is used to make a wine; in others, winemakers blend several varieties in a single wine. To help you identify grape varieties, below is an overview of each of the major red grapes and their characteristics.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon is the big daddy of the red wine world. It is like the Chardonnay, as it is widely planted and distributed. The result of this is that there are so many versions of this grape. Many people think of Cabernet Sauvignon as being a wine that needs to age, but that is only because the best red Bordeaux need age. Most non-premium varieties are ready to go right away.
Under ideal conditions, it produces an aromatic, tannic wine that ages and evolves to be both elegant and powerful. Perfectly balanced Bordeaux is one that has classic notes of black-currants, cedar, cigar boxes, pencils, mint and dark chocolate. Sounds delicious!

For the most part, you will find Gamay produced as Beaujolais. It mainly grows on the hills in south Burgundy. The aroma of a young Gamay is described as a wave of cherry and strawberry fruit. On the palate, Gamay wines are bright and crisp. They are moderate in alcohol and have very little tannin. Wines from Gamay grapes are ideal for all kinds of foods.

Merlot started out as a Cabernet Sauvignon in Bordeaux and has risen to international popularity. The great wines of Pomerol and St. Emilion in Bordeaux are based on Merlot with Cabernet in the blend. These wines show Merlot at its toughest and most intense. Merlots popularity is because it is softer, fruiter, and earlier maturing than Cabernet Sauvignon and displays some of the same aromas along with mint, and tobacco. In general, drink Merlot young.

Pinot Noir
At its best Pinot Noir is beautiful with a seductive silky texture and at its worst, it is heavy or flat. A good mature Pinot Noir has complex flavors of strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, violets, all-spice, tobacco and hay. Pinot Noir is relatively low in tannin and acidity and needs a cool climate to grow. Too much warmth, Pinot Noir can develop baked together flavors, losing its elegance.

A taste of Sangiovese and you will immediately conjure images of Italy. The name of the grape may not seem familiar, but it is the principal variety behind Chianti, Italys most famous red wine. It is taken very seriously in Tuscany, and you will find it in California, Australia, and Argentina. It is naturally tannic and is best used in a blend, usually with Cabernet Sauvignon. It requires a hot climate in order to produce its required richness and alcohol content. In cooler climates, it tends to have sharp and bitter tannins.

Called Shiraz in Australia and South Africa, Syrah is one of the greats of southeastern France's Rhone Valley grape. At home in France, it produces wines that are smoky, herby, and austere. Australian Shiraz tends to be richer, softer with a leathery quality and personally one of my favorites. All Syrah/Shiraz need a year or two from the vintage to hit its stride. Top wines will last about ten years.

It is disputable where this grape originated, but it is indisputably California's grape today, with almost no winemakers in other places producing it. The best Zinfandel is spicy and heartwarming. Other styles range from off white to high intensity sweet wines. Try a bottle not more than three or four years old, because that's when the Zinfandel character is strongest.

Contributor: Stuart Glasure [Designer, Fashion Artist, Creator: "Zany Wearables", Wine Enthusiast]


Stuart Glasure [Designer, Fashion Artist, Creator: "Zany Wearables", Wine Enthusiast]

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Wine Merchant
wine merchant Wooden wine rack vs. metal wine rack

There is more than one kind of wine rack on the market and choosing the right wine rack for your wine collection is no small task. You have a choice between a metal wine rack and a wooden wine rack, these are the most favored type of wine racks to date. Each wine rack has its own set of benefits and the wine rack that you choose will take a couple of things into consideration such as personal taste and home d�cor.

A wooden wine rack is nice because it looks great and is generally pretty easy to put together. Not many people have too much trouble with the average wooden wine rack. A wooden wine rack also tends wine merchant to be quite light while still being able to hold an enormous amount of weight.

There is also flexibility to a wooden wine rack and that is in its paint ability. You can paint this type of wine rack to match just about any home d�cor. It is even easy to build your own wooden wine rack if you like to build things for the home and this type of wine rack is very durable and can last you for years to come. There is another perk to a wooden wine rack and that is the fact that if you were to bump your wine bottle a little hard on the wine rack for some reason accidentally it is less likely to shatter on a wine rack compared to on a metal wine rack.
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Wine Broker
wine broker This my friend is the only way to fly.

If you are having a large event like a wedding reception or something that size then you can talk to your caterer about wine glasses. They should be able to hook you up with some fantastic real wine glasses that will suit your event just fine.

If you are having a smaller get together and you want to purchase your own special wine glasses then wine broker you will want to get wine glasses that suit the occasion. If you are having a Christmas party then you might want to get some red or green wine glasses or some clear ones with snowflakes etched on them. You can get the wine glasses that you have always wanted and have a good reason for it if you are having a party.

There are many different types of wine glasses for you to choose from.
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Michigan Wine
michigan wine You may want to choose your racks in order to have them match the rest of your wine storage solution. The final choices that you make will be affected somewhat by whether or not you are planning to show off your wine cellar to your friends. If you are then your wine storage solutions will need to be a little more coordinated.

So look into the wine racks and other wine storage options that will all look well together. Your wine storage area can look like those of a professional wine michigan wine collector. It is not hard to do but it can cost you a little money.

Your temporary wine storage options are a little simpler. Just before you serve your wine you will probably want to chill it, this of course depends on the wine. In order to store your wine for chilling you can look into cool wine storage solutions. Wine coolers are easy to find, you can find them in many department stores or wine stores. Even the Internet is a great source for finding these types of wine storage options.
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Storage Wine
storage wine These grapes used to make this German wine are very frost resistant. They do not shrivel and wither when it gets cold out which is great for German weather.

This particular German wine, the Riesling wine, will take a little longer to make in that the grapes need some more growing time when compared to other kinds of grapes. German wine grapes are ones that mature a little later in the year, sometimes not until late October. This is not a bad thing storage wine though because this German wine is one of the most favorable of all wines with its vital and fresh taste.

This German wine also has a very distinctive fragrance that also makes it popular among the wine connoisseurs of the world. This German wine is one to share with friends and take on picnics no matter where it is that you live. A good German wine is always welcome at any table and it will bring out the best in just about any meal it is served with.
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Sweet Wines
sweet wines You can get cut crystal wine glasses which are always gorgeous or you can get plain crystal or even wine glasses made out of actual glass. No matter which type of material you choose for your wine glasses they will always look and feel better than plastic wine glasses. You just cannot enjoy a good wine out of plastic, you can�t.

The type of wine glasses that you choose can also be affected by the type of wine that sweet wines you are going to serve. If you are going to be supplying champagne then you will want to get champagne glasses and white whine and red wine each have their own wine glasses.

Red wine glasses are larger, they have a taller and wider bowl than the white wine glasses tend to have. So if you know what type of wine you will be serving you may want to look into the different wine glasses that are out there for your party.
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Marsala Wine
marsala wine Choosing the right wine gift basket

Shopping for the people in your life is never easy is it? Of course not, and it seem like the more you care about this person the harder they are to shop for right? Of course, s what can you get the person who has just about everything? A wine gift basket. A wine gift basket is a great gift for anyone on your list and they are affordable and they are just fantastic.

You can give a wine gift basket to anyone, I mean anyone, your boss, his boss, your love or your best friend. You can even give a wine gift basket to your parents on their anniversary. The marsala wine possibilities of a wine gift basket are endless. As are your choices when ordering a wine gift basket.

When you are looking for just the right wine gift basket you will have to look at a few different factors. For example this person that you are buying the wine gift basket for, do they like white wine or red wine? So they like cheese and chocolates? Meat? These are very important questions and if you can you should try to find the answers to them before you make your wine gift basket purchase.

Finding out these things will help you to determine which wine gift basket is right for the recipient.
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Wine Futures
wine futures Oregon wine is delicious and fresh tasting and it is always lovely with a good cheese. So the next time that you are having some Oregon wine, whether you are having it will just your wine futures partner or some friends you should take some time to see what kinds of cheese would go best with it. There is nothing more delectable than a good Oregon wine and a delicious cheese.
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Amarone Wine
amarone wine You need to know your budget before you start shopping for a wine gift because there is a wide range of these gifts on the market and they can vary drastically in price. If you go into the store with a good idea of how much you can spend you are less likely to get swept away by a wine gift only to find out that it is way out of your price range. If this were to happen when you were shopping for your wine gift then you would never be satisfied with the wine gift you amarone wine end up getting.

You can give a wine gift to your best friend or your parents or your boss or co-workers, the versatility of a wine gift is enormous and that is why they are so popular and they have been for so many years.

The wine gift that you choose could simply be a good bottle of wine or you could choose a wine gift that is actually a basket. This type of wine gift will come with many other tasty treats such as cheese and crackers or chocolate or both.
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