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Silver Lever Style Rabbit Corkscrew

The Rabbit Corkscrew from Metrokane is quick like a bunny! It will pull a wine cork in 3 seconds flat. After uncorking the Rabbit Corkscrew quickly and easily ejects the cork from the worm. This popular corkscrew has been redesigned with a precision metal gear mechanism that's laboratory tested to last through more than 10 000 uncorkings. The black ergonomic design with soft rubber grip pads puts an end to awkward wine bottle opening. Used by professionals. Set comes with a foil cutter in a presentation box. Carries a 10-year manufacturers warranty.

Price: 69.95 USD

Velvet Twist Style Rabbit Corkscrew

The Velvet Twist Style Rabbit Corkscrew from Metrokane is compact sleek and will open your wine bottles smoothly and easily. When the flexible legs of this corkscew are placed over a wine bottle's neck the worm is automatically centered in the cork to assure smooth extraction. Two built-in foil cutters. Available in a velvety black matte finish with rubberized grip.

Price: 16.95 USD

Today's Article

Wine Openers- 6 Styles Reviewed

Waiter Corkscrew

This is probably the most ubiquitous wine opener in the world, and the ultimate in simplicity. This tool features a design that allows the entire tool to fit in your pocket, and as such has become the overwhelming favorite of wait staff and picnic goers. There are three essential parts that all fold out from the body of the tool: the corkscrew itself, a lever that acts as a fulcrum on the top of the bottle, and a small foilcutter to cut the foil from the top of the bottle. No wine cellar would be equipped without one at a minimum for backup. To use the opener simply remove the foil from the neck with the knife, twist the corkscrew fully into the cork, and then place the lever on the top of the bottle and pull the cork up and out. Some devices feature two shoulders on the lever in order to maximize leverage, in this case use the one halfway down the lever first, finally use the top shoulder to get the cork the rest of the way out.

Wing style

Here is another very popular type of wine opener. Using the mechanical advantage of a lever and gear, this device makes uncorking a bottle easier than a typical cork puller. While the price is a little higher than the waiter style, it is a great choice for the home user or anyone that does not wish to wrestle with a wine bottle. Simply rest the bottom of the opener on the top of the bottle, screw the corkscrew into the cork, and then push the levers down and they will lift the cork out. This could be the second most important accessory for the wine lover, second only to the wine glasses. These models come in a wide selection of metals including nickel-plated steel, or plastic. It is highly recommended to buy only heavy-duty metal types as they are more solid and will last for years.

Lever Pull

This type was made famous by the brand named "The Rabbit", and it does make very quick work of opening wine bottles. Featuring a clamp you hold around the neck of the bottle with one hand, and a lever that plunges then pulls the corkscrew with the other. This gizmo efficiently removes a cork in just seconds. If you have a lot of wine to open, you will certainly find this toll useful. But be aware that this premium product comes at a premium price. A quality lever pull wine opener will cost up to $100 or above.

Twist Corkscrews

A two piece corkscrew with no levers, clamps, or hinges makes this one of the easiest and our favorite corkscrew for every day use. Use the device by first placing the bottom "seat" on top of the wine bottle. The corkscrew piece then slides into a guide hole in the top and is automatically centered on the cork. Begin twisting and the screw first drives into the cork, than it stops against the shoulder of the seat and as you continue twisting it lifts the cork clear. Broken corks are pratically impossible when using this style, as are cork pieces floating in the wine when completed. And at prices less than $50.00, this is in the top 10 accessories for any wine buff.

Uncorking Machines

If you have an entire room reserved just for your wine collection, than you are likely ready for an uncorking machine. With the simple pull of a lever in one direction, you will be able to twist the corkscrew in, and then pull it out of the bottle. Reverse direction and the cork will spit out and you are ready to do it again. The entire process takes less than 10 seconds. The design of these machines makes opening wine not only efficient, but also impressive. But be sure these machines are not cheap in the least; expect to pay over $100 for the most basic model that clamps to a tabletop. And for advanced models you would expect to see on an Italian estate the price tag will exceed $500.00.

Pump Style

The last style opener we will mention is the pump style. These insert a long needle through the cork into the air space above the wine. Then using either a pump or a cylinder of compressed air, the cork is removed by building up pressure under the cork so it pops out, just like champagne. These tools are a little bit more gizmo than workhorse, but for the enthusiast who has it all, this might make a good gift just for the amazement factor when it is time to open the bottle.

About the Author

Michael Briggs is a wine enthusiast and a frequent contributor to Winery-Mall where you can learn all about wine enjoyment

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Anonymous Total Wine says:

Wine Regions
wine regions There must also be the proper ventilation in place to keep the French wine processing smoothly.

The next step in the making of classic French wine is the maceration process. It is in this step that the French wine gets its color. The color itself of all French wine comes from the peels of the grapes and their own natural�tannin. It is in this stage of the French wine development that the body of the wine comes into being. The amount of time that the French wine spends in this maceration will wine regions vary depending upon which kind of French wine is being made. Some French wines will need more time while others less. In some cases this process can go on for several weeks when making good French wine.

Only after the last stage of French wine are the solids taken out of the wine. This is known as the raking process. More than one French wine can come out of each process simply because the pulp that is taken can be squeezed to get pressed wine or it can be left and known as free run French wine.
wine regions
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italian wine

Anonymous Goat Cheese says:

Wine Futures
wine futures Oregon wine is delicious and fresh tasting and it is always lovely with a good cheese. So the next time that you are having some Oregon wine, whether you are having it will just your wine futures partner or some friends you should take some time to see what kinds of cheese would go best with it. There is nothing more delectable than a good Oregon wine and a delicious cheese.
wine futures
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Anonymous Spirits Wine says:

Cabernet Wine
cabernet wine The vast majority of wines use the grape for a reasons and this is because this little grape will have so many of the necessary wine ingredients already infused into it. In wine making your success is going to be all about balance and chemicals and the grape has many of the necessary chemicals in it already.

For good and delicious wine making you need to have the right balance of sugar, tannin, moisture and nutrients, well, it just so happens that the grape fits the bill to perfection. cabernet wine This allows for the grape to ferment, as it needs to for successful wine making. Choosing the right grape is only the beginning of your wine making journey though.

There are many different grapes that you can use and when you get more skilled at wine making you might want to add a little of some other fruits to the mix to give your wine some extra depth and flavoring. Read about the different grapes that can be used in wine making and how they affect the outcome of the wine making process.
cabernet wine
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Anonymous German Wine says:

Journal Wine
journal wine Purchasing California wine is even easier. You can buy California wine in almost any liquor store or cold beer and wine store. Most of this type of California wine will be the kind that you just buy and drink. If you are looking for California wine that you will be able to store and age for awhile yourself you should talk to a local wine merchant in your area. These wine merchants should be able to tell you everything that you need to know about California journal wine wine and get you some of the finest for your own collection.

You can also find many different sources of California wine online. This way you will be able to search for a particular California wine if you have one in mind and compare all of the prices at the same time. Shopping for California wine online is always a great idea. You will be able to enjoy your California wine in the comfort of your own home and this is always the best way to enjoy it.
journal wine
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Anonymous Napa Valley says:

Wine Proofs
wine proofs The merlot red wine is an easy to drink wine and it is often preferred by those who are new to the red wine world. Its flavors are not as complex and this is appreciated by those just starting to appreciate red wine for all of its natural wonders. And some of the best red wine merlots can be found in California which makes it an easy find for those who live in the States.

Wine glasses can make wine proofs the table

Wine glasses can make or break your party or event. If you are having a fabulous shin dig and you then bring out some cheap plastic wine glasses this is not saying much about your friends or your taste. When you are having a party, especially a fancy one you need to have the real thing. None of this plastic wine glasses stuff will do, you need the real glass or crystal wine glasses.
wine proofs
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Anonymous Fine Wine says:

Storage Wine
storage wine These grapes used to make this German wine are very frost resistant. They do not shrivel and wither when it gets cold out which is great for German weather.

This particular German wine, the Riesling wine, will take a little longer to make in that the grapes need some more growing time when compared to other kinds of grapes. German wine grapes are ones that mature a little later in the year, sometimes not until late October. This is not a bad thing storage wine though because this German wine is one of the most favorable of all wines with its vital and fresh taste.

This German wine also has a very distinctive fragrance that also makes it popular among the wine connoisseurs of the world. This German wine is one to share with friends and take on picnics no matter where it is that you live. A good German wine is always welcome at any table and it will bring out the best in just about any meal it is served with.
storage wine
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Anonymous Cabernet Wine says:

Country Wine
country wine This can make your party much more country wine elaborate and well thought out.
country wine
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wine bars

Anonymous Vine says:

Italian Wines
italian wines You can find wine online from another country even. It is nice to be able to get Italian wine online without ever having to go italian wines there!

So the next time you need some info about wine or you are looking to purchase some wine online just check the internet.
italian wines
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Anonymous Chardonnay Grape says:

Decanter Wine
decanter wine Those at this kind of good quality wine store will then help you to choose the perfect wine that will not break the bank. Wine merchants are best for this type of service because they know much more about wine than most of those who work in a liquor store do.

You will want to get in touch with the wine store of your choice well before the date of your party. The right wine may not be in and have to be special ordered. In this case it could take a few days or even sometimes longer for the decanter wine wine to get into the wine store. SO let the wine store know as soon as possible about the wines that you will be needed and on what date. This will keep your whole party from being thrown off by a lack of good wine.

The wine you choose and the wine store that you choose it from can make or break your party so make sure that you choose well. If you know someone who is knowledgeable about wine ask him or her to go to the wine store with you in order to help you select the best wine possible.
decanter wine
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