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Tuesday 12/16/08 - Sherry Wine

Another Great Sherry Wine Article

Exploring Barossa Wineries Down Under

With a name like Barossa, your taste buds should be tingling with anticipation if you are going to make the trip to Australia. Here is some information on exploring the wineries of Barossa that will help you set up your trip.

The Barossa Valley in Australia is home to many different wineries and vineyards. Australia is relatively new to the wine making world, but more and more varieties and wineries from this country are becoming popular in the US and Europe. Known for introducing the world to the red wine known as Shiraz, Australian vineyards are producing wines that are rivaling those from the Napa Valley in California, and even those that come from France. Barossa wine excursions are a great way to explore this part of Australia, and enjoy some of the wines that this area has to offer.

One company that has spent years introducing wine enthusiasts to the Barossa Valley and surrounding areas is Barossa Vintage (+61 8 8524 5353), located in Lyndoch, Barossa Valley. Barossa Vintage offers chauffeur driven excursions to the many wineries in the area, as well as packages that include accommodations or transfers to and from the airport in the region. The company will be happy to help you arrange accommodations in one of the many bed and breakfast establishments located in Barossa Valley, or if you've booked a room already, they are willing to pick you up from any area spot in Barossa Valley, Adelaide or Adelaide Hills.

Most of the packages offered by Barossa Vintage take place in their roomy Kia Carnival (a minivan type of vehicle) and can range from a short half day to a custom full day event. The half day package will take you to at least three wineries in the Barossa Valley, and include either morning or afternoon tea. This is a good way to get a glimpse of the wineries available in the area, but most people opt for a full day outing in order to enjoy all of the wineries and tastings Barossa has to offer.

A full day excursion starts out with a morning tea, which is provided by the local Lyndoch Bakery (known for their fresh baked cakes) and also includes a ?bistro lunch? where wine can be purchased by the glass. You will be able to see at least four different wineries while on the full day excursion, and you will be able to taste some of the many full bodied red wines produced here, as well as some white wines and even fortified wines (such as port). Additional stops can be arranged to see different parts of southern Australia aside from Barossa Valley. These stops can include seeing the McLaren Vale wine area or the Clare Valley wine area.

The Barossa Valley of Australia is fast becoming a popular destination for wine lovers from all over the globe. If you enjoy the full bodied taste of an Australian red wine, then this trip is for you.

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Thoughts about Sherry Wine

Exploring Barossa Wineries Down Under

With a name like Barossa, your taste buds should be tingling with anticipation if you are going to make the trip to Australia. Here is some informatio...

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Sherry Wine in the news

Top 10 Hot Jobs in Vallejo-Fairfield-Napa California

Tue, 07 Oct 2008 12:20:26 -0700
This article presents projected increases in jobs aruodn the Napa Valley through 2014. However, healthcare jobs shouldl continue to increase through 2100, Jobs include a range of industries from Wines to Transportation, Entertainment, Healthcare & Medical, IT, Construction, Employment, Sales, Tourism, and several others.

How to be a WineShop at Home Consultant

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Digsby on Linux via Wine

Sun, 28 Sep 2008 17:34:44 -0700
Well heres my issue, I used digsby on windows, but since switching to a full linux desktop I dont have that luxury anymore. Since then I have been using pidgin which gets the job done. So I tried to use wine and digsby but that didn’t turn out to well. Well after piecing information from the web, I figured out how to run digsby.

The Rage of the Previously Rich -- New York

Tue, 23 Sep 2008 00:07:44 -0700
The tragic story of a Lehman trader who has to open his treasured bottle of $700 wine and say goodbye to his job. The $3 million worth of stock he received last year is now worthless. Sitting in seats behind the Yankees dugout, he becomes very angry at Derek Jeter, who gets paid even if he doesn't win, but who still refuses to wave to his kid.

Reading a wine list, made simple.

Wed, 17 Sep 2008 09:06:53 -0700
Here's an article I worked pretty hard on to help you diners and drinkers read through a wine list-I think I did a pretty good job! Let me know if it was helpful!

Building the Perfect Wine Chocolate Gift Basket

Tue, 16 Sep 2008 21:44:55 -0700
Many people believe that a wine chocolate gift basket is a great gift but unworthy of their time and effort. While it is true that putting together a wine chocolate gift basket can be a tough job, by following a few simple rules it can easily become a cake walk. By following these rules you can easily construct a gift that will deliver

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