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Sunday 08/17/08 - Wine Merchants

Today's Wine Merchants Article

Discover Floor Standing Wine Racks

If you are a wine lover and live in an apartment, floor standing wine racks are the best choice in lieu of the traditional wine cellar.

Nowadays wine racks come in a wide variety, holding anywhere from six to hundreds of bottles. They can enhance your kitchen/dining area/bar as they are manufactured out of various materials to match your taste, furniture and decor.

Wood, metal, and wrought iron are only some of the many materials used to make floor standing wine racks.

Some of the most efficient, inexpensive, easy to use and maintain are the wire wine racks.

Why invest in a floor standing wine rack?

Wine is a special beverage and demands proper care. Storing it at the right angle and temperature is the key to its maintenance.

Floor standing wine racks are designed to store wine at the right angle -- that is horizontally. In this position the wine is in contact with the cork, keeping it from drying out and getting air in the bottle, which would negatively alter the taste if allowed to occur.

Most old red wines have sediment, which means one must avoid shaking/moving the bottle in order to preserve the wine. Wine racks hold the contents in a stable fashion to avoid movement.

Temperature is another factor which determines the wine's proper storage. The optimum temperature is 50-55F.

Wire wine racks are the best choice if you don't have a floor standing wine rack cabinet with regulated temperature. A 10 degrees variance will not affect the wine, but sudden changes from warm to cold may cause the wine to age prematurely.

Wire wine racks are a good choice because they let the air circulate and keep the temperature down. They are easy to assemble, lightweight and very durable.

Wire wine racks like most other racks can have their top shelf converted into a table to store wine glasses, decanter, serve cheese or display the wine which would be served with diner.

Floor standing wine racks give a note of sophistication to any room. They make a good conversation topic and tell your guests that you not only appreciate wine but you know how to take care of it.

Wine has become the most fashionable drink, now a glass of red wine a day is even being advocated by some doctors for health reasons... so, go ahead, invest in as many floor standing wine racks as you need to ensure your and your wine's good health.


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Discover Floor Standing Wine Racks

If you are a wine lover and live in an apartment, floor standing wine racks are the best choice in lieu of the traditional wine cellar.
Nowadays wine ...

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