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Wine Clubs

Wine clubs are fun and convenient way for wine lovers to experience wine at its fullest. You can give a wine club membership as a present to a loved one or enjoy the benefits of it on your own.

Every month, wine club members receive two hand-selected bottles of premium wines with accompanying notes from wine experts. They also get recipes and suggested food pairings.

Your wine club membership delivered to your work address, even to your relatives or neighbors, wherever is more convenient. Remember that only an adult over 21 years old can sign for the package. State laws and the availability of carrier services determine who will deliver your wines.

For many, the cost of shipping the wine is more compared to the cost of just buying wines at a local store. However, keep in mind that once the cost for shipping is factored in, the price might end up the same if you had purchased the wine at the local store instead.

Recent surveys reveal that members are quite satisfied with their wine clubs because of their impeccable wine selection and additional information about the wines. They are also happy with being able to taste different kinds of wine from different countries without having to track down the selections at various stores.

There are different kinds of membership in wine clubs. There is the membership wherein you will receive member benefits and will be billed on a monthly basis. You can cancel your membership anytime. In this form, prices of wines do not include shipping costs. There is also the prepaid membership in 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions. Memberships may vary per wine club. If you are interested in joining a wine club, you can shop around for the best clubs available today and enjoy a monthly wine adventure.

Wine Clubs provides detailed information on Wine Clubs, Wine Of The Month Clubs, California Wine Clubs, Wine Making Clubs and more. Wine Clubs is affiliated with Wine Tasting Tours.

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Wine Clubs

Wine clubs are fun and convenient way for wine lovers to experience wine at its fullest. You can give a wine club membership as a present to a loved o...

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Wine Writer Items For Viewing

Classic Wine Basket Deluxe

An assorted throng of the classic wine culture favorites. This elegant wine basket includes all the traditional classics – Assorted Sausage, Stone Wheat Crackers, Parmesan Bruschetta, Classic Pepper Wine Biscuits, Classic Water Crackers, Bistro Dip, Port Salut Cheese, Brie Cheese, Jazzy Pralines and Aged Parmesan Bits. A bottle of red - a pristine German Cabernet Sauvignon, and a bottle of white – the fruity Chardonnay, completes this trustworthy classic wine basket. A great gift for any occasion! CWB04 CWB04D

Price: 112.95 USD

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Wine Bars
French Wines
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